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At Ani-Mates we believe in spending quality time with your pets, visiting them as many times a day as you wish, ensuring they are happy, comfortable, safe and secure while you are away.

Our range of services are designed to help you and your pet, by reducing the disruption and worry caused when on holiday, short breaks, working all day, convalescing or for any other reason.

Having been well trained by our own pets over the years we are well aware that they have their own quirks and habits, we always strive to fulfil their needs; nothing is too much for our best mates.

Services we offer:

Special Requirements

If you require a particular service that is not mentioned in our standard packages, please contact us to discuss your requirements, we would be happy to help you.


Group of animals
"Extremely helpful and friendly. Sandy is always happy and contented when we return. Would recommend"
J Jackson

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